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Beautiful Mind Oman
Dr. Feras Al Ajami take your hand to achieve the best results when tackling a wide range of emotional, behavioural, situational & mental health issues. ​ With supervision which is a cornerstone at Beautiful Mind Oman where Dr. Feras exchange his experiences and develops the patient personally and mental. ​ *Consultations are available in English, Arabic, Hindi, Farsi.
Bipolar Disorder
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Persistent Depressive Disorder
Anxiety Disorders

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To provide best practice psychiatric services in a safe and supportive environment that fosters the development of collaborative relationships and aims to achieve the best possible outcomes for all clients. To promote mental health and well-being by providing affordable, culturally informed and evidence-based mental health services to children, adolescents, and adults in muscat, Oman. We provide treatment for a number of common concerns such as depression, anxiety and panic, excessive worry, post-traumatic stress, anger management, coping with stress, child behavioral and emotional problems, and parenting concerns.

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Your privacy is of utmost concern to us, and we will not share your information without your knowledge and approval. While we hope you will be comfortable seeking out therapy, we recognize that in a rural setting, privacy is a particularly important factor in the decision to see a therapist. As a small practice, consisting only of highly trained professionals, we are uniquely capable of protecting your privacy – perhaps more completely than may sometimes be true of larger offices with a large number of office staff and multiple clinicians. Of course, we follow strict ethical practices to keep your information confidential, but additionally we utilize technologically sophisticated practices to maintain a high level of confidentiality. We will talk with you in your initial visit and throughout therapy about your ongoing privacy concerns to understand your needs and address them to the best of our ability.

Dr. Level

Clinical psychiatrist have a unique position in the mental health field. We must complete the most rigorous training requirements devoted solely to psychology, as well as undergo intensive evaluation and licensure procedures. This training prepares us with a full range of professional skills in diagnosing, making recommendations and treating our clients. It also prepares us with the skills needed to participate in collaborative treatment with other professionals. In addition, the training for Ph.D. level clinical psychologists has a much stronger emphasis on research practices than is common with many other mental health professionals. It includes planning, conducting, analyzing, and reporting findings on our own research projects. This research-oriented background positions us particularly well for evaluating and implementing psychological tests. We understand, in depth, how to assess the merits of these tests and how to write specialized reports on test findings.

Medical and health-related issues

Dr. Feras Al Ajami are especially qualified to address any medical and health-related issues you are experiencing, and are skilled in communicating adeptly with your medical providers, as you permit. This capability has developed from our considerable experience in medical settings as part of our work experience and clinical training. We have specialized knowledge and interest in medical psychology. With your written authorization, we can communicate with your primary care providers, your medical specialists and other healthcare workers to help you get the services you need. In a sometimes fragmented healthcare system, this is an essential part of delivering high quality and effective psychological services.

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